New horizons of the classical repertoire


The boundaries of the repertoire are the limits of its interpreters and its presentation form. As long as the performance of a composition depends of the hearduous path of its traditional exercise and performance, it is understandable that such music business remains limited to a comparable small repertoire. But in fact, "great" composers are not always that much greater and less known masters not always that less significant, as it seems in respect to the fact how much they are performed on the concert stages of the world. Thus the introduction of the record and music recording has therefore already caused a remarkable extension of the familiar repertoire.
My projects tries to takes the advantage to produce and comunicate music, their sources and their realizations digitally to consequently enrich the horizon of the musical repertoire with new first-recordings.

Firsttime recordings:

(current overview)

  Komponisten Werke
Leuven-Chansonnier Leuven-Chansonnier (15.Jhd.) 12 anonyme Unicats,
Cristoph Graupner Christoph Graupner Augustus GWV116, September GWV117, December GWV120
Johann Joseph Fux Johann Joseph Fux 12 Menuets for Harpsichord, Suite II F-major, Ouverture in G,
Tischer J.N.Tischer: Partita g-minor
jg-graun J.G.Graun: Concertos GraunWV:B:XIII, 66, 90, 155,
ch-graun C.H.Graun: Cembalo-Concerto GraunWV:B:XIII:45 ,
Franz Benda Franz Benda Violin-Concertos E-major LII 8, A-major LII 13,
Abel Carl Friedrich Abel: Sinfonies op.1,1 Bb-major (KnaA1), op.1,3 D-major (KnaA3), op.1,4 Eb-major (KnaA4), op.1,5 F-major KnaA5), 2 HornConcertoe,
Perez Davide Perez Solfeggi: Duett XI, Duett XII,
ga-benda G.A.Benda: Cantatas: L544, non-L546,
albrechtsberger Georg Albrechtsberger: 44 Versets,
campagnoli Bartolomeo Campagnoli: Air varie op.7,2 sur "La ci darem la mano"
Steibelt Daniel Steibelt: Pianosonatas op.7.1, op.7.2, op.7.3, op.9, op.23, op.24, (op.45,) op.60,
Mueller August Eberhard Mueller: Sonata A-major op.7,1
Arnold J.G.Arnold: Celloconcertoe: op.2, op.3, Nr.4, Nr.5,
Klengel A.A.Klengel: 120 Canons + Fugen: Avantcoureurs, Band 1, Band 2
Kalkbrenner Friedrich Kalkbrenner: Fantasy sur La ci darem la mano op.33
Bochsa Robert Nicholas-Charles Bochsa: N.C.Bochsa: Air varie op.73,2 La ci darem la mano
Rossini Gioachino Rossini: Solfeggi: Nr.3 Andantino e, Nr.4 Allegretto E,
Calegari Francesco Calegari: Variazioni sopra la ci darem op.18
Thalberg Sigismund Thalberg: Fantasie sur deux Motifs de Don Juan op 14
Eduard Franck Eduard Franck: 21 Pianopieces, 12 Studies op.1, Variation op.14,
Marchesi Mathilde Marchesi: Solfeggi: op.22, 7-8,
Kiel Friederich Kiel: 6 Fugues op.2,
Draeseke Felix Draeseke: 7 early Pianocompositions, 67 Canons+ Fugues, 6 Vocal + Orchestral Works
Nicode J.L.Nicode: Pianomusic, "The Sea", "Gloria!"-Symphony
Kahn Robert Kahn Duos, Quintett 1926, From YouthIII, 4 Compositions for. Voice and Orch., 460 Pianopieces from Diary in Music
Bausznern Waldemar v. Bausznern: Champagner-Ouverture, Weimarer Trio, 3 small Sonatas, Sonata eroica, 2 Preludies and Fugues, nightly Visions
Alben Berg Alban Berg: 30 Pianopieces, 12 Chambermusic-Kompositions, 5 Variation, 54 Inv.+Fugen, 3 Sonatafragments, 3 orchestral Fragments, 25 Songs, 11 Canons, 6 Choirs + Choraele,
Dieren Bernard van Dieren: Stringquartet Nr.2 op.9, Nr.3 op.15, Sonetto VII of Edmund Spenser's Amoretti,
Jemnitz Alexander Jemnitz: From the Reger-Lesson op.2, Sonatinas op.4, Bagatels op.5, Sonatas op.8, op,23, op.26.
nicorichter Nico Richter (1915-1945): Concertino voor Cello en ces Instrumenten, Vioolconcert,
Almstedt M.Aike Almstedt: Pocahontiade, Klaviersonate Nr.1, Klaviersonate Nr.2, small pieces, Klingklang, Stones & Mirrors,
Alan Belkin Allan Belkin: Symphony #2,
Rick LaSalle (1951- ): Dodge City op.3 Tripleconcerto for Fiddle, Banjo, Honkytonkpiano + Orchestra,

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