(The compositions listed here are mostly but not necessarily first time recordings)

Leuven Chansonnier (15. Jhd.)

The 12. anonym Unicat each in 5-7 historicly possible instrumentations based on prepared manuscript-data provided by the Goldberg foundation

Johann Gottlieb Graun

Harpsichordconcerto GWV B:XIII:90

Carl Heinrich Graun

Harpsichordconcert GWV C:XIII:45

Harpsichordconcert GWV C:XIII:50

Franz Benda

Violin Concertos:

Violinconcerto E-major L,II,8 , ,

Violinconcerto A-major L II.13,

Violinconcerto Bb-Major L II 18

Georg Anton Benda

Cantatas L530 , L544 ,, non-L546 ,,

Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-l787)

First time recording of the 6 Sinfonies op.1

and of two Hornconcertos BLB Mus. HS 1057+8


Felix Draeseke

Orchestral compositions:

Frithjof WoO 7 ,

Ouvertuere of the Opera 'Herrat' WoO 13,

Felix Draeseke: Faust sung to sleep WoO 32

Felix Draeseke: Parzengesang WoO 33

Canons and Fugues WoO 37:

30 Canons(a 2,3,4,6+8 Voices) and

7 Fugues a 4 Voices from the Sketchbook,

Doublefugue à 4 in e-minor (1906)
Doublefugue à 4 g-minor (1906)
Tripelfuge à 4 Eb-major (1906)
Doublefugue à 4 G-major (1907)
Fugue à 4 in a-minor (1907)
Fugue à 4 in c-minor (1910)
Fugue à 4 in F-major (1911)

Polonaise D-major WoO10 as first recordings from manuscripts of the SLUB Dresden

Robert Kahn

From the Youth III.Mvt. Moderato non troppo


4 Tonepictures for Viola and Piano (Ms.1905)

2 Pieces for Violin and Piano (Ms.)

Variation on an old song for Violin and Piano(Ms.)

Diary in music Nr.1132 Canzonetta (Vl.&Piano)

Pianoquintett D-Major 1926 ,


Naenie for Voice and Orchestra Ms. o.Op. nach op.44,1

Song of the Parcae Ms. o.op. for Voice and Orchestra

In Spring Ms. o.op. Voice and Orchestra

Cantata "Empor" op.81 Finale

460 Pieces from the Diary in music

Heldengesang "An Alvensleben " for malechoir and Winds (all as first time recordings)

Alban Berg:

A.Berg: Prelude Fragment - from the Sketches for the Violinconcerto
A.Berg: Plainte of the noble Wifes of Asan-Aga
A.Berg: Fragment of a dramatc Piece in B-majorr
A.Berg: Fragment of an early Pianosonata (um 1901)
A.Berg: Fragmente of a Stringquartet (ca 1905-1909)
A.Berg: Fragment for Stringorchester
A.Berg: 28 previously unpublished early Songmanuscripts
A.Berg: Canons & vocal fugues a 2  
A.Berg: Canons & vocal Fugues a 3
A.Berg: Canons & vocal Fugues a 4

Nico Richter (1915-1945)

- Nico Richter: Vioolconcert Februari 33 (Firstrecording)

- Nico Richter: Concertino voor Cello en ces Instrumenten ~ 1935 (Firstrecording)

Conlon Nancarrow

Study Nr.12 , Study Nr.21 , Study Nr.37

Martin Aike Almstedt

Music for Piano

 Pianosonata Nr.1 "Where are y..."
 small pieces
 Stones & Mirrors
 Mourning for Sisirami (2008)
 Sanftstaubendes Regeltrinken
Unborn (Version 2007b)
Unborn (Version 2007b)
Psychogram Nr.1 Keyo so
Psychogram Nr. 2 Sanna Sus dance
Psychogram Nr.3 Lake Scenery
Psychogram Nr.4 Cymbalon
Psychogram Nr.5 monogram for piano
Psychogram Nr.6 time and again never
Psychogram Nr. 7a-d Summer departs...
Psychogram Nr.8 that was
Psychogram Nr.9 Nightmare
Psychogram Nr.10 Dying Echo

Alan Belkin


Rick LaSalle

Dodge City Konzert für Banjo, Fiddle, Honkytonkklavier, Jazzbläser, und Streicher


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