Orchestral music

 Frithjof WoO 7
 Ouverture to the Opera "Herrat" WoO 13
 Jubelouverture op.65

Compositions for Voice and Orchestra

Easterszene op.39
Faust sung to sleep WoO 32
Song of the Parcea WoO 33


Fantasypiece in form of a Walz op.3/I B-major
Fantasypiece in form of a Walz op.3/II Ab-major
Valse-Rhapsodie op.4.1 Eb-minor
 Valse-Impromptu op.4.2 Db-major
 Walz-Nocturne op.5 Nr.1
 Walz-Scherzo op.5 Nr.2
 Fantasy op.8 on Themes from Boieldieus La Dame blanche
 Polonaise D-major WoO10

complete Canons and Fugues

Canons and Fugues for Piano

Fugue op.15,1 D-major
Fugue op.15,2 c-minor
Fugue op.15,3 a-minor
Fugue op 15,4 Db-major
Fugue op.15,5 F#-major
Fugue op.15,6 Eb-minor
18 Canons á 6-8-voci op.37
Canonical Riddles Op.42
Doublefugue à 4 in e-minor (1906)
Doublefugue à 4 g-minor (1906)
Tripelfuge à 4 Eb-major (1906)
Doublefugue à 4 G-major (1907)
Fugue à 4 in a-minor (1907)
Fugue à 4 in c-minor (1910)
Fugue à 4 in F-major (1911)

30 Canons (Voices)

6 Canons á 2
6 Canons á 2 & 1 obligato
8 Canons á 2 & 2 obligati
3 Canons á 3
3(4) Canons á 4
3 Canons á 6
3 Canons á 8



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